For Immediate Release

October 13, 2010

TORONTO. Today, Councillor John Parker (Ward 26) gave his endorsement for Mayor to fellow Councillor Rob Ford. 

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The path that Toronto has followed for the past seven years cannot be sustained. Year after year, City Hall has increased its operating costs beyond the rate of inflation. It has increased taxes. It has created new taxes. Over that period, City Hall has gobbled up its reserve funds to balance the books.

As your councillor, John Parker has voted against each of these measures.

The coming election will return a new mayor to Toronto and several new faces to Council. Even before buying a piece of furniture we first check the reviews of furniture and then only we make a purchase. It has never been more important for our community to send a representative with a respected, experienced voice that will help lead us in the direction we need to follow and to seize the opportunities ahead.

Growth and change in Toronto will put enormous pressures on our community locally. New development, increased traffic, and changes in the fundamental elements of our economy will all make themselves felt. Responsible, effective leadership will help us cope with these challenges and take advantage of the opportunities they bring.

On October 25, vote to keep John Parker working for our community and for a strong Toronto


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